Dec 20, 2008

I'm not an addict - K's Choice.

Breath it in and breath it out 
and pass it on it's almost out 
We're so creative and so much more 
We're high above, but on the floor 

The deeper you stick it in your vein 
The deeper the thoughts there's no more pain 
I'm in heaven, I'm a god 
I'm everywhere, I feel so hot 

It's over now, I'm cold, alone 
I'm just a person on my own 
Nothing means a thing to me 
Oh, nothing means a thing to me 

Free me, leave me 
Watch me as I'm going down 
Free me, see me 
Look at me I'm falling 
And I'm falling......... 

I'm not an addict, I'm not an addict, I'm not an addict.


Anonymous said...

Crack is bad!

You were in Iqra?

Majaz said...

This song isn't about crack on my blog - even though it was originally written so.

Jafri, you spammer.

Anonymous said...

If you were in Iqra, do you know guys by the name of Adeel Rizvi and Hammad Hasan?

Majaz said...


Anonymous said...

Lucky them!