Jun 11, 2008

From the heart of an overheated Pakistani.

This is JUST one of those days when I want someone else to take my class. Or not get up in the morning. Or keep sleeping until it's noon and it's time for lunch.

Special shout out to KESC for keeping the power out of safe distance for 35/48 hours and thus making me more stressed than I get in teaching a week of two universities.

Another special mention: fishing-goo 'jerkazoids' for making Pakistan into a hellhole and making enough dough to send kids abroad to work at McDonalds.

Thank you for making life unlivable for the average Pakistani citizen. No food, electricity, petrol, water, hospitals and now add monsoon rain and broken roads to the mix.

Summer? Oh yeah. We've only just begun.


Unknown said...

KESC i understand. Who beith the fishing goo jerkazoids?

Majaz said...

Fishing goo is ... derived from what-the-fish and goo comes from the Urdu translation of shit.

Jerkazoid's my friend's term for anyone who's just beyond cursing who has collaborated in making people reach heights of frustration.

Unknown said...

how cutely safe! My words for such people aren't fit to be repeated in front of 'shurfa'.

Majaz said...

Then come up with neologisms the way Mona and I did. lol.

Unknown said...

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Majaz said...

Is this guy for real??

Unknown said...

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Majaz said...

I still feel this guy/girl is spamming me.